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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PUA Confident Body Language

Approaching women effectively need specific body language - from standing, sitting, eye contact, how to show interest and not neediness, etc

What should you do to confidently approach women with body language?

First lets talk about your posture.

The truth is, you can lead the body and the mind will follow. That means, if you stand up straight you will find more confident. If you act more confident, you feel more confident.

However, another thing is, if you lead mind, the body will follow, so both of them are true. If you feel confident, you will sit up straight.

When sitting down, keeping your back straight is the most important thing. At first, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but after a while, it will be so.

You also need to take up space.

Why is this important when trying to approach women?

It is because the bottom half of your body from your waist down represents sexuality to everyone else. While the top of your body from your waist up represents your power.

So if you sit up and shows that you take up less space, shows that you have little power. If you stand up with your feet too close together, it shows that you are afraid to be sexual. Or worse, it may actually seem that you have a small dick to her.

When people talk about approaching, the first thing to do is to become confident and powerful. Since you never know who is watching when you walk, just assume that there is that perfect woman watching you all the time.

Don't take up less space because someone else sits next to you. You deserve the space that you're in right now to show that you're not afraid of power, to have the spotlight on you.

Now lets talk about eye contact.

When approaching women, you need to "smile with your eyes."

How to do this?

Simply visualize that your eyes are smiling. That will make you light up immediately.

So when you walk around, smile with your eyes, your eyes lit up, your whole face lit up, you will get open.

This is important for everybody, but especially important if you are a big guy or muscled guy. It is because without a smile in your eyes, you can look intimidating and not approachable.

Next, when you are talking with her, obviously you need look them in the eyes and don't look around.

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