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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Joshua Pellicer - Why He's Not on Wikipedia

“Who the heck is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me get the woman I want?”

Josh is a completely normal guy.

Except that he is a full-time relationship coach, the creator of the popular Tao of Badass, and has appeared in the "The Art of Charm" podcast show

He's appeared on The Today Show, The New York Times, and he was even made fun of on SNL (Saturday Night Live). He also had a show on Maxim Radio called "Game On" about how to meet women, which he hosted for several years.

"If he is that famous, why is he not on Wikipedia?" you may ask.

Well, if he has no Wikipedia page yet, that means he is considered to be not prominent enough.


Not being on Wikipedia doesn't mean that he is a scammer, right?

Not being on Wikipedia doesn't mean that Josh Pellicer, or anyone else, is not an expert or not legit.

Also, did you know that Noah Everett, the founder of Twitpic, also doesn't have an English Wikipedia page?

You know that results speak for themselves.

There is no reason to doubt Josh Pellicer's expertise in dating and relationship and his Tao of Badass, as he and Jordan Harbinger hosted "Game On" on Sirius XM Maxim Radio in 2008. Every week, Josh and Jordan gave out sneaky tips and advice, took phone calls from listeners around the country, and also interviewed guests.

They shared valuable tips such as:
  • how to make small talk;
  • how to unlock the mysteries and secrets of women;
  • how to be charismatic and confident;
  • how to get over the fear of talking to the opposite sex;
  • how to make a lasting first impression; 
  • how to get phone number and much more.

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What do the experts say about Joshua Pellicer? 

Calle Sjoenell who created AXE body spray advertisements says that Joshua knows women, even better than they know themselves.

And have you watched the movie "American Pie"?

Warren Zide, the producer of the American Pie says that every time he talks to Joshua Pellicer about women or read his book, he is convinced that Josh knows more about attracting woman than anyone Ihe has ever known.

The author of "Revolutionary Sex", Alex Allman also says the following about him:


Convinced enough that Joshua Pellicer is really a dating expert?

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